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Tanzania Tourist Board – Establishment & Achievements

About the Tanzania Tourist Board
Tanzania Tourist Board is a government organization which was legally established under Tanzania Tourist Board act, CAP 364 of 1962 and amended by act No. 18 of 1992. TTB was formed after the disbandment of the Tanzania Tourist Corporation. The Board is mandated with promotion and development of all the aspects of tourism industry in Tanzania.

Tourism becomes the number one contributing sector to the GDP by the year 2025.

To promote sustainable tourism both domestically and internationally through innovative and dynamic awareness creation, in order to contribute significantly to the social – economic development of Tanzania.

The main functions of the Tanzania Tourist Board are:
To adopt all such measures as it may consider necessary to advertise and publicize Tanzania as a popular tourist destination;
- To encourage by such measures as it may deem fit for the development of such amenities in Tanzania as it may enhance the attractiveness of Tanzania to tourists;
To undertake research, experiments and operations as may appear to be necessary to improve the basis of the tourist industry;
To foster an understanding within Tanzania of the importance and economic benefits of the tourist industry;
- To make all such inquiries and collect all such information as it may deem necessary for the purpose of carrying out its functions.

Board of Directors:
Tanzania Tourist Board has the Board of Directors which is appointed after every three years. The Chairman of the Board is appointed by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, and the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism appoints the directors.
Currently, the Board members are:

Ambassador Charles Sanga the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tanzania Tourist Board. Other members who together will serve for three years are Prof. Isaya Jairo of the Institute of Finance Management (IFM), Ms Teddy Mapunda, The Serengeti Breweries Public Relations Director, Hon Abdulkarim Shah, Member of Parliament for Mafia, Hon Kaika Telele, Member of Parliament for Ngorongoro and a tourism sector stakeholder, Mr. Samuel Diah


The Tanzania Tourist Board Tourism Award Winners 2011 [Award Honorees]

  • Tanzania Tourism Board Media Print Award 2011

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine

  • Tanzania Tourism Board Web Travel Magazine Award 2011

Luxury Web Magazine

  • Tanzania Tourism Board Supporting Airline Award 2011

South African Airways

  • Tanzania Tourism Board Tour Operator Southern/Western Circuit Award 2011

Immersion Journeys

  • Tanzania Tourism Board Tour Operator Southern/Western Circuit Award 2011

Anastasia’s Africa

  • Tanzania Tourism Board Tour Operator Promotion Award 2011

ET African Journeys

  • Tanzania Tourism Board Tour Operator Humanitarian Award 2011

Africa Adventure Company

  • Tanzania Tourism Board Tour Operator Product Development Award 2011

My Serengeti Safari

Tanzania Tourism Board Hotel/Lodges/Camps Sustainable Tourism Award 2011

Gibbs Farm, Tanzania

Contact Information

Contacting us by post Tanzania Tourist Board
Utalii House - Laibon street/Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road - Opposite French Embassy
P.O.Box 2485
Contacting us by email md@tanzaniatourism.go.tz
Contacting us by telephone
General: +255 22 2664878/9
Marketing:+255 22 2664875
Tourism Services:+255 22 2664873
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