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Specific areas around the country are particularly renowned for their craftsmanship, and craft centres, artist cooperatives, and good gift shops should have a selection of carvings, paintings, baskets, and jewellery from all over Tanzania. Bargaining is advisable in smaller shops and cooperatives, where the artists usually gain a significant percentage of the proceeds.

In larger shops and hotels, prices will be higher and bargaining is usually not allowed. As you travel, you will often see people selling curios on the street – Masaai women hawking necklaces at petrol stations, children selling bracelets outside a popular restaurant, or a batik seller walking the city streets in search of customers. Foreign currency is often accepted in larger shops around the country.

How do you know if you’re paying too much or if the goods you’re buying are really authentic? Check basket weaves for quality and woodcarvings for signs of shoe polish and cracks, but ultimately if you’re happy with your purchase, You’ve made the right decision.

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    Did you know!

    That "the name Selous game reserve originates from Captain F.C Selous, an English man lived in the area some many years back who was killed by Germans in the First World War and buried in the same area?