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Mafia Island makes headline – New York Times

Mafia Island located south-east of Dar es Salaam Tanzania, was featured in full page story in the January 29, Sunday Edition of the New York Times in Travel section. The New York Times is popular and the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in United States of America. Mafia Island which is also a Marine Park is the largest protected area in Tanzanian waters. With just a few thousand visitors per year, Mafia Island is hardly a tourist hot spot, best for honeymooners. Best for underwater tourism, the island is a protected marine preserve and offers some of the most magnificent diving and snorkeling in the world. Sea turtles, stingrays and the occasional white-tipped reef shark troll these waters nearly year-round. Different species of marine life are found in Mafia Island’s deep waters including sea turtles, birds, fish and other sea creatures. Sea sports including scuba diving, snorkeling and fish identification are the major tourist activities in Mafia Island Marine Park. The 510-square-mile Mafia Marine Park is home to 400 species of fish and 48 types of corals, as well as giant green sea turtles and at least a few nearly extinct manatee-like dugongs. International class lodges have been established in the island to cope with the growing demand for visitors’ rooms.

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