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‘Fly camping’ is the term used for luxury walking safaris where visitors sleep out in the open with only a mosquito net between them and the African sky. Guests often embark on day hikes through the bush with their private guide, and a camp is set up each evening in a new locale. These mobile walking safaris give visitors a chance to see the wildlife and birds of the game reserves up close, and experience their natural surroundings without the distraction of vehicles and other guests. For many visitors, fly camping is the height of their Tanzanian experience – the sheer vastness of their surroundings, the peaceful rhythms of nature, and the opportunity to be alone in the African bush is a stunning and memorable experience.

Fly camping is fast becoming the most popular option for luxury safari guests who want to experience the freedom and adventure of camping in the African bush without the encumbrances that camping often entails. Hike lengths can be varied according to difficulty and length of each day, and the guided walks introduce guests to a living breathing world that extends beyond the big game of other mainstream safari options. Visitors learn to read animal tracks, explore the medicinal properties of indigenous plant life, and immerse themselves in the cosmic world of insects and bird life that sustains the vast African plains. At present, fly camping is only available in the Selous Game Reserve, but due to its popularity, other game reserves may include it as a safari option soon.

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