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There are no mountaineering or outdoor outfitters in Tanzania, so when preparing for a trek in the country, keep in mind that you’ll need to bring most of your own gear. Sleeping bags, good hiking boots, many layers, and waterproof outer clothing is essential for keeping warm and comfortable at high altitudes. Bring a few refillable plastic water bottles and a good day pack as well — although porters will carry the heavier equipment, you’ll want to have a few things easily available throughout the day. Although a comprehensive packing list of essentials difficult to find in the country is listed in ‘What to Bring,’ here’s the trekker’s list with special emphasis on what you’ll need when on a climb:

* a lightweight camera that you can carry easily and access from your day-pack, with plenty of film
* a lightweight and versatile day-pack to carry water, camera, and important documents
* a durable refillable water bottle that you can easily access from your day pack
* good insect repellent in a no-spill container
* high SPF waterproof sunscreen
* a bandana or small hat to keep off the sun
* sunglasses with a good cord
* a photocopy of your passport, important phone numbers, credit cards, driver’s license, medical
insurance, tickets, and contact number of who to phone in case of an emergency
* good-quality, durable hiking boots, waterproof if possible, but definitely water-resistant
thermal under-layers
* good hiking socks
* waterproof outerwear fleeces and plenty of warmer layers that you can easily take on and take off
during the climb
* a scarf, hat, and gloves for final night climbs
* a lightweight flashlight with extra batteries
* a low-temperature sleeping bag
* a pair of lightweight sandals or flip-flops for wearing once You’ve made it to camp
* a bathing suit for swimming in rivers and waterfalls
* a basic first aid kit of plasters, calamine lotion, ibuprofen, a non-mercury thermometer, immodium or other antidiahoreals, a good-quality lip balm, a sealed syringe in case of medical emergencies, anti malarial prophylactics, high-altitude drugs, and any prescription medication you are taking.

For climbers on Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Kilimanjaro Guides Co-operative Society runs a small shop inside the Marangu Gate of the national park, where visitors can pick up a few things before they start their climb. Be forewarned, however, that although items are usually available for a price, their stock and prices fluctuate, and it is far better to arrive prepared.

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