Located on the shores of Lake Victoria in the north of Tanzania, very near the Kenyan border. The town offers much amusement to the passing visitor and is a point of cultural interest for people wanting to experience the vibrant life of people around Lake Victoria.

Located near the first president of Tanzania’s hometown of Butaiama, Musoma houses the Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Museum. Exhibits document the rise of nationalism, the independence movement, and the early history of Tanzania, as well as displaying various items of interest that belonged to the late leader, including a copy of Plato’s Republic, which Mwalimu Nyere translated into KiSwahili by hand.

Musoma’s colourful port and vibrant weekday market make it a fun day-stop for travellers passing through the region. The many varieties of boats, from large ferries and transport barges to ngalawa fishing boats and dugout canoes, makes an afternoon watching the activities on the waterfront a pleasant diversion. Market day, when women bring their crops of mangoes and green leafy vegetables, ripe avocados and bunches of bright yellow bananas, to sell on brown canvas spread over the ground, is an unforgettable spectacle of Tanzanian culture and warmth.


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