By far the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria’s fishing industries and the agricultural land around its shores have made the area an economic centre of Tanzania. Although fishing is a traditional mainstay of the region, coffee and cotton production are increasing the economic importance of the area, especially in Mwanza. Telecommunications and transportation is also a growing industry and has encouraged growth in the region that has makde it one of the most populated in the country. Trade with neighbouring Uganda to the east and Kenya to the north means that the ports on Lake Victoria are bustling with growth and economic activity.

For visitors, attractions include trips to Rubondo Island National Park and participating in various cultural tourism programmes on offer around the area. The lake has some spectacular varieties of freshwater tropical fish, many of which are exported to aquariums all over the world. It’s shores are peaceful and pristine, and offer a quiet alternative to the constant movement and bustle of a safari itinerary.

Gently sloping hills lead to the soft blue waters of the lake, as fish eagles swoop at dawn and evening time eager for the small fish that swim in Victoria’s rich waters. Bird-watching and fishing trips make popular excursions, and boating trips and hikes can be arranged.


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